Who are we 

Classic oz wreck is a licenced specialized dismantler of early holdens from 1948 to 1984..licence number 14913..we are located on the shores of beautiful Lake Macquarie in Toronto which is an outer suburb of Newcastle..

We are located at 18 Sara st Toronto..

We are open Tuesday to Saturday..

Our business hours are 9 till 5 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday..9 till 4.30 Friday..9 till 1 Saturday..

Our phone number is 0249594546

We freight to wherever a Holden part needs to go..

We accept the usual credit cards, amex , direct deposits and cash..

We do not do any cash on delivery services via australia post..

We are closed Sunday and Monday..

The owners

Classic oz wreck is a family run business who are Classic Holden enthusiasts..the people you speak to on the phone are the owners...Greg and Sue..

The business
Classic oz wreck started in november 1993 as Hunter Valley auto dismantlers in its present location with 6 cars..we were a general wrecker and it was my passion for Old Holdens that kept my then partner at bay from filling the yard with foriegn cars..in 1997 we puchased the partners share of the business and over the next year we changed the business to Classic Oz Resuwrecktion and started dismantling Holden,Ford and Valiant only.

In 2000 we were asked by local authorities to downsize our operations.we had 280 cars and went back to 60..it was at this point we decided to focus on our passion of Old Holdens and at the same time shortened the business name to Classic Oz Wreck..

Classic oz wreck is now the only large early Holden only specialist left on the East Coast of Australia..we currently have around 150 early Holdens in the yard from 1948 to 1984.



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